Croptune - Nutrinet analysis on the spot

Take a picture with your smartphone and get nutrient analysis of your crops - in real-time!

Croptune is a unique agri-technology that helps growers optimize fertilizer application - for healthy growth and maximum yields.
Croptune determines the crop's nutritional status, instantly detects deficiencies using a standard
smartphone camera and provides recommendations for fertilization.

No more guessing
Croptune helps you set fertilization operations according to the actual status of your crops,
rather than counting on “gut feelings” or wild guesses.

Your private lab in real-time
Croptune saves you costly, time-consuming lab analyses, helping you optimize your
fertilization programs according to the actual status in the field.



AI technology, computer Vision and Big Data for Real-Time Analysis of Nutrient Content

A quick transformation to modern farming offers high quality and quantity, and increase in income, thanks to a negligible investment.

The Plant is Our Sensor

Nitrogen uptake picked by BIO optic application sensor                                         
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Welcome to the Croptune User Guide!

Our comprehensive Croptune User Guide is designed to help you maximize the benefits of our innovative technology. Whether you're a new user or looking to deepen your understanding, this guide provides everything you need to optimize crop nutrition, monitor plant health, and enhance your agricultural productivity.

To ensure you have the best possible experience, the Croptune User Guide is available in multiple languages. 
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