Agri IOT is the only company which recognises “Nitrogen UPTAKE” in plants as sampled by a cellular phone’s camera. 
This has been provenly demonstrated in wheat, maize, tomato, lettuce, pepper, potato and carrot cultivation.


          Agriot and Haifa Group have signed a Agreement for strategic collaboration and investment

From IsraelAgri, April 2021 


  New AG International, Haifa Group, Hortidaily, Canal Rural, Daily Trust  



Computer Vision and Big Data for Real-Time Analysis of Nutrient Content

A quick transformation to modern farming offers high quality and quantity, and increase in income, thanks to a negligible investment.


Airplane Photos
Plantation analysis, almonds and potato

In-Field validation
Testing a simple RGB camera’s validity as a sensor to evaluate nitrogen (N) uptake in wheat. 
The data represents samples taken (leaves & photos) at three phenological growth stages: 6 treatments, replications for each treatment; 3 wheat varieties.

Lettuce in China 
Traditional fertilisation procedures VS AgrIOT technology

Maize in the Negev, 2018

Maize “N-uptake” readings, India, 2019


Agri IOT  calibrated for use with the following crops:   

  • Field crops: Wheat, Corn, Tomato, Potato, Rice, Carrot, Lettuce, Pepper, Onion, Cotton, Cucumber 
  • Orchards: Pears, Cherry, Banana, Avocado, Peach, Nectarine, Citrus.

AgriIOT's main customers are based in India and Israel, including the following:

Our business model (B2B) is based on the following alternatives:
a. Cost concurrent with the number of uses
b. Cost as per hectare, per crop, per one growth season
c. Fixed price per territory, per type of crop, per season / year / other agreed upon period

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