Mr. Natan Feldman


Haifa Group's VP Marketing, Business development & Innovation

Mr. Feldman directs and coordinates the corporate sales and marketing functions, including managing commercial aspects; defining and assimilating the Group’s marketing strategy and values; strengthening the Haifa brand name in more than 100 countries.

In addition, Mr. Feldman manages the Group's business development initiatives, including business collaborations, and Inorganic growth opportunities. A special focus is given to innovation as a prime marketing value with an emphasis on advanced technologies in the field of products and services.

Mr. Feldman is a member of the Group's Management and served in a variety of senior management positions in the Group. Prior to joining Haifa Group, he held various positions in the field of agricultural technologies, including managing a start-up company and managing sales.

Mr. Feldman has an extensive academic background including B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences, B.A. in Economics Sciences, and a MBA degree. He is also a graduate of Directors Course.