Gad Shahar


Haifa Group's Chief agronomist & knowledge manager

Mr. Shahar directs and coordinates the Haifa group's agronomic and professional activity in all aspects and fields.

Mr. Shahar leads the efforts the company is investing in generating, refreshing, updating and strengthening the Group’s agronomic and marketing knowledge base.

Mr. Shahar creates and manages an intensive and efficient training program aiming to enhance Haifa employees and customers capabilities and expand their professional knowledge.

Along the recent years Mr. Shahar is very much involve in the development, evaluation and adoption of an innovative fertilization software's and plant nutrition monitoring technologies, among them the Haifa NutriNet a unique software, that assist growers to work out the recommended fertilizer types and rates at different growth stages according to the expected yield under your growing conditions.

Mr. Shahar holds B.Sc. and M.Sc, in management of vegetable crops and crops protection from the faculty of agriculture Agricultural of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.